Weekend Village Extreme

Day Village Activities
  • Bullock Cart Ride
  • Pottery Maker
  • Tractor Ride
  • Astrology
  • Magic Show
  • Guess The Prize
  • Tambola / Housie (Jackpot Rs 10,000/- If You Are Lucky)
  • Folk Program
  • Splash Pool
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • 5 Village Games



Night Village Activities
  • Folk Program
  • Fire Act
  • Tambola / Housie (Jackpot Rs 5,000/- If You Are Lucky)
  • Camp Fire

Inclusions :

  • Breakfast
  • Day Village Activities
  • Sumptuous Lunch
  • Eve Snacks & Hi Tea
  • Eve Village Activities
  • Dinner



Tariff :

  • 1125 for Adult
  • 565 for Kids ( 5 Years to 10 Years )



CONTACT DETAILS : Please Contact us at

Email: jfheadoffice@gmail.com
Call us: 080 67415551 / 080 26629422

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Terms & Conditions
  • Two pets per cottage are allowed.
  • A “pet in room” sign helps you relax and lets our housekeeping staff knows that your furry one is in residence.
  • Pet food items and equipments purchased in the resort is at additional cost.
  • Pet owners will be responsible for their canine companions and for any excessive damage they may cause. You will be required to sign a pet waiver upon check in.
  • Pets may not be left alone in the room unless in a pet crate or cage.
  • In the interest of providing a healthy environment for our other resort guests and their pets, we ask that your pet is 100% free of parasites, to include ticks and fleas. Please ensure you have a certificate from your vet about your pet vaccinated for ticks, rabies and DHLPP within one year as on date.
  • We ask that your pet refrain from sleeping or lying on guestroom beds, chairs, and other furniture. A pet bed is provided.
  • Please help us maintain our beautiful resort by cleaning up after your pet poop.
  • When walking with your pet through public areas, we ask that you keep them on a leash at all times. If your pet is found without leash in public areas you will be advised to vacate the premises immediately and no refunds.
  • All pets must always wear a collar and identity tag and be kept on a lead under the control of a responsible adult at all times.
  • Jain farms Resort reserves the right to remove any pet from the resort if we consider it a nuisance or to be interfering with the general comfort of our guests in any way, but we are sure this won’t happen if they are kept an eye on!
  • Unfortunately certain types of dog are not allowed in the resort, in order to maintain the safety and well being of all our guests. These include, but are not restricted to, Pit-bull Terrier, DogoArgentino, Fila Brasiliero and Japanese Tosa, Doberman and other dogs as described on the Dangerous Dogs Act. Dogs that are also legally required to be muzzled are not allowed due to safety and comfort of our guests.
  • Please ensure your pet stays inside pet compound and under leash if there are other pets. If you are taking your pet outside the pet compound, keep it under leash.
  • List of items that are in your cottage with cost is displayed in the cottage. You are liable to pay for the damages caused. You may take the damaged item.
  • In case you need any pet food items or equipment’s, you may find some items available in our utility stores. List of which is provided to you. However, we advise you to carry all the items required also refer this with the checklist provided.
  • You can take your pet for swimming to the pet pond as per timings allotted. Provided there is adult supervision. If there are no other bookings you may use the pool for longer duration.
  • For not more than three hours you can leave your pet without leash in the area beyond the bridge and ensure the gate there is locked. However if there are no other pet dogs, you may utilize the area for longer duration.
  • In case you or your pet sustains any injury, ask for the first aid box kept in the front office. In case of requirement of a vet, you may use our ambulance to travel to the vet. You will bear the cost of transportation.
  • Jain Farms is not responsible for any injuries sustained to your pets if they get into fights with other pets
  • NOTE: Please hand over certificate of Undertaking to the front office on arrival. The certificate certifies, “I hereby undertake to pay in full in case any damage is caused inside the cottage or any items in the resort. I also accept complete responsibility of my pet’s health and well-being and agree that Jain farms have nothing to do with any such situation that may occur.
  • All cottages have been disinfected with “cyperin (cypermethrine) liquid “to get rid of ticks or its eggs.
  • You may use the stroll area and the pool with other dogs if they get along and with the permission of the owner. Jain Farms is not responsible for any incident that may occur during this time.
  • All visiting members must be in possession of their membership card issued by the parent club entitling the members to use the facilities of the affiliated club.
  • In case of booking of rooms by the visiting members at the visited club, a written request for the same together with one day tariff in advance by DD has to be sent. Booking will be confirmed depending upon availability . NO REFUNDS
  • The reciprocal facilities can be availed by visiting members and his /her family for a period not exceeding four days in a month.
  • Visiting members are requested to enter their particulars in the club register on every visit and obtain a visiting member card.
  • All transactions of visiting members will be by cash, as per the system adopted by the club visited. No credit facility will be allowed.
  • Visiting members must settle all their dues with the club visited before departure.
  • An admission charge per head will be levied to the visiting members during their visit to the club .
  • The normal club rules of the club visited will be applicable to visiting members.
Resort Location
Bagalur, Malur Road, Belathur Post,
Krishnagiri District, Hosur Taluk,

Reach us
Email : resorts@jainfarms.com
Resort : 080- 4709 2100
Resort manager : 9865127386
HO : 9916636361

Head Office
Jain Farms
No.3490, 3rd Floor, 80ft Road,
4th H Block, BSK 6th StagE,
Bengaluru- 560062/p>

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